Jacksonville’s Beaches – Atlantic, Neptune, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beaches

Jacksonville BeachThe greater Jacksonville, Florida area’s beaches consist of, from north to south, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach. This geographic stretch of beaches goes for about 15 miles from top to bottom, and it’s going to vary slightly depending on what map you look at or whom you talk to.  Most people cluster all of them together when they refer to the Jacksonville Beaches, and if there is a special hot spot the location will be further deliniated by the specific beach name and road intersections.

People love to live in coastal communities for many reasons.  One primary attraction to live in the Jacksonville Beaches area is because of the weather.  The Northeast Florida beaches area is known for having a consistent weather stream where even in the hottest of summer days, the beaches are usually cooler than in town. The Spring, Fall and Winter days are heaven on earth and the evening breeze is part of why people want to buy beach property.

jacksonville-beach-pierThere are many attractions and things to do at the beach and there are growing numbers of people who migrate to the beaches area simply because they love the coastal atmosphere.

The Beaches are riddled with restaurants of all kinds for all people. All up and down the coast from Atlantic Beach through Ponte Vedra Beach, you will be amazed at the variations of food choices and entertainment for adults and family and children.

TPC Sawgrass Hole 17If you like golf, there is no shortage of courses at the beaches. You can start in Atlantic Beach with Selva Marina Country Club and as you start going south you will find Jacksonville Beach Golf Club, Marsh Landing Country Club, Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club, Players Championship, Sawgrass Country Club and The Plantation at Ponte Vedra Beach.  Lots of fun seeing Dr. Green!

Speaking of doctors, there are two primary hospitals located near or at the beaches. The Mayo Clinic is just 3 miles from the coast and Baptist Medical Center is less than a mile off the coast and considered the primary beaches hospital.

There are all kinds of doctors offices, including a Jacksonville FL chiropractor.  Dr. Arden Hunziker with American Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Services has a chiropractic clinic in Baymeadows Jacksonville and in Jacksonville Beach.

Go check out the Jacksonville Beaches area starting with Atlantic Beach all the way down to Ponte Vedra Beach.  You will enjoy your time with the local activities and things to do, for sure!